12U Roster Spots Open

Bloomfield Travel Baseball TryoutsSome platitude about things changing almost started this post. Almost. The real theme here is opportunity. Some yet-unknown baseball player, or players, is getting a golden opportunity. 12U roster spots are open due to unforeseen life changes.

For any player looking to seize this opportunity, there are probably several questions flooding their brain:

  1. How many players are they looking for?
    • “12U Roster Spots Open” isn’t just a blog title it is a fact. We want to add, at least, one player – but we are open to taking two players.
  2. What positions do they need?
    • We’re looking for baseball players. We intentionally keep our rosters small. This not only maximizes playing time but requires players to play multiple positions.
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  3. What are the details? Where do you play? What tournaments? How much?
    • Most of the basic information is in the original tryout post. Some of the other details have been finalized. We will play a 16 game NOBF schedule, two local tournaments, a Frankenmuth tournament, the Warren County Summer Slam, and the truly once-in-a-lifetime Cooperstown All Star Village.
    • The cost will also be reduced. As stated before, life changes removed one player that was nearly paid. The new player will only be responsible for remaining costs. If you are unhappy with your current baseball situation, then there has never been a better time to change things.

Tryouts will be during our regular practice times at Brother Rice High School and Evolution Dome. If you would like to attend a practice, then please contact us ASAP for the details.

You can email Chad Perry or text/call him at 313-657-0094.

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