Baseball Player Gift Guide

For a variety of reasons, the holidays can become stressful very quickly. One of the biggest stressors is gift giving. If you know your recipient loves baseball, then our Baseball Player Gift Guide should make things much easier!

What should I buy my baseball player?

Unequal Chest Protector BaseballHere are some suggestions from the Bloomfield Firebirds:

    1. HART Shirt
      • Heart protection for baseball players is something not many people talk about. There is a fear of “comebackers,” but very little head protection shows up on players.

        I can accept that, because the comebacker is more of a rarity (thankfully) for youth players. But bad hops, hard hit ground balls, and being hit by a pitch are far more common. The HART Shirt provides protection and confidence for those plays.

    2. Custom Franklin Batting Gloves
      • You’ll probably have to gift this item as an IOU. The gloves take 3-4 weeks to ship.

        Custom Franklin Batting GlovesFortunately, your ball player won’t mind because they get to customize the official batting glove of Major League Baseball. It’s also one of the most affordable customization options for baseball.

    3. Baseballism T-Shirts
      • Baseballism has lots of great products. They even donated to our fundraiser!

        Baseballism T-Shirt Baseball GiftBut for most players, they’re going to love the T-shirts the most. This T-shirt should read, “…a body, and some guts, and a HART shirt.

    4. VeloPro Velocity LOAD Harness
      • There is no shortage of baseball training aids. Lots of them are hot garbage. This is NOT one of them.I don’t get wrapped up in their claims. Maybe it will 4-6 MPH in six weeks or less. I love that it helps muscle memory with each swing or throw. It can be used in bullpen sessions or hitting off the tee.
    5. Frost Gear Gloves
    6. Bloomfield Firebirds Gear
      • There is no shortage of fan gear available. Of course players will love wearing gear with their name and/or number. But it is extra exciting when you have fans in the stands wearing your name and number on their shirt.

Hopefully our Baseball Player Gift Guide makes the holiday season a little bit easier.

Because, just like last year, we need to start getting ready for the 2020 season. Yeeeeeeep!

(That last part makes sense if you’re a Firebirds player.)

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