Go Play Another Sport

Multi-Sport Athlete Baseball DivingTryouts are over; go play another sport.

I like getting our Firebirds together to have some fun practices while the weather cools down. We live in Michigan. We need to take advantage of nice weather and sunlight. But we don’t join a fall league. We don’t play in fall tournaments. I believe our kids need a break; physically and mentally.

But that doesn’t mean our athletes should stop playing sports. I think they should play other sports. And, it turns out, some smart people agree with me. USA Baseball cited Steve Smith, PhD., a professor of clinical psychology at University of California, for saying, “Anything we can do to give kids diversity in physical and physiological ways is a win.”

Multi-Sport Athletes Baseball BasketballDr. Smith gave seven benefits of exploring multiple sports:

  1. Promote Chances for New Teamwork and Friendships
  2. Learn to Accept Loss and Failure
  3. Learn New Skills
  4. Remember How to Simply Play
  5. Helps Athletes Get Over Injury
  6. Find a New Talent or Passion
  7. Learn Independence

USA Baseball had their own five benefits for playing multiple sports:

  1. Avoiding Burnout
  2. Reducing the Risk of Overuse Related Injuries
  3. Developing Better Skills as an All-Around Athlete
  4. Developing More Mental Skills and Life Skills
  5. Building Confidence

I fail to see a downside to any of those reasons listed. That advice seems obvious.

However, we all know a baseball only kid. Or maybe you’ve heard about “that family” and how they’re pushing their kid so he will be ready to compete at an “elite level.” I fear those people sometimes ignore the benefits of playing multiple sports. They worry that noting living in a warm state will make it harder for their child to succeed.

I would refer those people to Mike Trout’s parents and their attitude.

Jeff Trout (Mike’s Dad) :

We kept it simple: play, have fun, be a good teammate, do the right things with your body, play hard and play to win but also do well in school.

They wanted Mike to be a good person. That was more important than baseball.

Go play another sport. It will help our Firebirds continue to become good GREAT people!

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